Tanya Fooks
FOUNDER of inspire zambia magazine

Born in Zambia but raised in the UK, Tanya Fooks has built her career within the marketing industry. Her experience encompasses both the digital and traditional marketing fields. Her knowledge, practice and experience forged while working primarily in Spain and the UK. She has worked for numerous technology companies located in France, Zambia, South Africa and America spearheading their drive to being viable products or services in their respective markets. She has worked with start-ups to implement Go-To-Market and growth strategies to help boost business profiles and revenues She has also worked in top technology companies to build their customer base and enhance the customer experience.

Outside of work, Tanya is an active member of the Zambian Diaspora. In 2019 for the launch of the Zambian Diaspora Policy, she was invited to Zambia to deliver the vote of thanks following the Vice President Inonge Wina’s official launch. The policy was a pivotal act by the Zambian Government to encourage all Zambians who had left Zambia seeking educational and economic opportunities a way to reconnect or find a place back home. This policy sought to build an attractive path for their return home offering opportunities for them to reclaim their dual Citizenship, build economic opportunities and better ways of sending remittances back home. The Policy was the Governments recognition of the value this Diaspora community has and an easing of ways for them to reconnect to home and open new doors. Following the Policy launch, Tanya was co-opted as the Chair of the Zambian Diaspora Policy Steering committee. Her prime role as chair and her fellow committee members (made up of Zambians all located in different parts of the world) was to work with the Zambian government on the rollout of the Policy, to provide support, guidance and oversight on the progress.

Other passion projects of hers include the Inspire Zambia Magazine which she founded with the Zambian High Commission in London. She has worked on many small and large events with them as they work to build better ties with the Zambians in the UK. She is also Founder of the highly successful yearly festival known as the East Preston Food festival. She has been a trustee on the Board for Carers Support UK, who work to provide support for family members who find themselves in a loving yet difficult positions of caring for a disabled, sick or dying loved ones.

As a high-energy professional, she thrives on forging new relationships and works to continually build her network. With her deep mastery of digital growth strategies, her focus is inherently on creating a results-driven path to success whether it's in her career or her passion projects. She loves nothing more than sharing her expertise and helping organisations maintain a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving information age. All in all Tanyas' breadth of experience of Zambia, the Marketing industry, and working internationally makes her welcomed addition to the IWESPA board of advisors.