What do you do when you’re running your business and you run into a roadblock while trying to grow and scale your income?

Or you recognize you need more skills training and professional development to serve clients with the utmost excellence?

At IWESPA, we not only offer exclusive discounts from QC Events School and The Experience Africa (TEXA) Conference. We also offer monthly training through our membership and 1:1 coaching and training with our Co-Founder Mwai Yeboah.
As a benefit of becoming a member, each month we offer free monthly training where we focus on topics such as the photography of your weddings and events as well as headshots and personal photos, cake decoration, styled shoots, and more. These trainings are currently offered online via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Co-Founder Mwai Yeboah offers 1:1 coaching on the following topics as well as bespoke topics catered to your unique business needs:

The Luxury Hospitality and Customer Service Workshop

This workshop is broken up into three sections:

1. What Is a Culture of Customer Service Excellence?
2. The Power of Communication and Emotional Connection
3. Developing Memorable Customer Service Skills and Principles.

Reach out to us for an information packet with more details and pricing information regarding this workshop. 

● Branding and messaging: Learn how to align your brand and message with your market so potential clients can’t wait to contact you and booked clients can’t wait to tell all of their friends about you.

● Mindset: If you’re ever heard that your biggest enemy is yourself, it’s often true. Develop the right business mindset and overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back from submitting to top publications, planning a styled shoot, attending a high=end conference, scaling your income, reaching out to that influencer and more.

● Wedding Planning and Promotion: Want to take a peek behind the scenes of my luxury weddings and events planning business, Love From Mwai, and see how I serve and sell to my clients? In each session, we can talk about everything from client attraction to the actual nuts and bolts of wedding planning and design to how I land my weddings and styled shoots in major publications and online blogs.

● Services and Profitability: Let’s unravel your services, positioning, and pricing and see if you’ve positioned yourself the right way in the market or need to do some revamping.

The investment for 1:1 training starts at $250.

Mwai has also developed a signature workshop on luxury hospitality to equip weddings and events professionals as well as  creative vendors with the skills and etiquette necessary to serve clients with the utmost respect, excellence
and elegance for repeat referrals and rave reviews. 

Here is what it covers:
What Is a Culture of Customer Service Excellence
Discover what a proactive culture of service excellence looks like and how to warmly engage
 customers in a unique way to exceed their expectations.




● The importance of a warm and personal introduction and what a great one looks like
● How to identify what your luxury clients really want and exceed their expectations
● Anticipating needs and empowering team members to go the extra mile
● Why “it’s not possible” or “no” is never an answer and how to troubleshoot challenges and creatively resolve
problems to reduce problem resolution costs and negative reviews
● What a culture of customer service excellence looks like
● Interactive examples of common guest requests and complaints and successful scripts that result in a happy interaction

The Power of Communication and an Emotional Connection
Learn how to communicate effectively with clients who have high expectations and create emotional connections
 that result in an engaged, connected, and more loyal fans for life.

● Why effective communication and listening is so important in the service industry
● How to develop relationships and build rapport in an era where customers are less loyal to brands than ever before
● Why creating an emotional connection and finding creative ways to deliver a personal touch is so important
● How to deliver an authentic apology when you’ve messed up and create a satisfactory remedy that keeps the client happy
● Interactive examples of effective listening, communication, and apology delivery that result in a happy interaction

Developing Memorable Customer Service Skills and Principles
Develop the skills and principles that create customer loyalty and impress clients and guests through remarkable service delivery.

● Understand how your perception of a customer or guest can impact the service you deliver
● How to identify scenarios where you can go the extra mile
● Why all team members have tremendous power to sway the customer experience and unique ways each role can
outperform when it comes to service
● The top principles of customer service that every team member should embody and serve by
● Professional Presence: How to think, act, look, speak, and behave to maintain the brand reputation and values
● How to identify a thrilled and delighted customer vs one who’s simply satisfied, and elevate the experience where necessary
● Interactive examples of what to do and what not to do plus lively discussion on how to improve real life scenarios

This workshop is available in 1 and 3 day intensives both in-person and online.

The investment starts at $500