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Build a Community of Like-minded Professionals for Networking, Referrals and Support
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Not everyone who applies to IWESPA becomes a member because our mission is to elevate excellence, professionalism and ethics within the industry in Zambia and—like in all countries—the marketplace can consist of bad practice and unsavoury suppliers.
For anyone who isn’t accepted, we provide acceptionable steps and advice on how to improve and reapply because we believe in uplifting those with a heart to grow and excel in service.

If you’re interested in earning inclusion based on your credentials and business practice, this is for you! 

Benefits to Joining IwesPA

● Active promotion and regular spotlights in our members directory where you can get found by clients who are looking for respectable and reliable weddings and events vendors and suppliers

● Advertising that you’ve been vetted by (and are a member of) IWESPA by displaying our logo which demonstrates your high standards and ethics to potential clients and provides proof of your professionalism

● Establishing ethical charging and business standards across the industry by joining alongside other businesses who refuse to undercut or overvalue their services

Tiers of Membership & Application Requirements

Startup Member - 0 to 3 Years in Business

● Welcome pack with goodies
● Certificate of membership and use of approved logo to showcase your credibility
● Full page profile on our directory (description, social links, web link, gallery)
● Promotion across social media
● Virtual monthly trainings where we focus on topics such as the photography of your events and brand, cake decorating, marketing, social media and more. These trainings are currently offered online via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
● Supportive members Facebook Community
● Preferred rates from partner hotels on event venues and rooms*

Benefits of Membership

Entrepreneur, sole trader with 3+ years in business and a growing brand.

● Accounting support to ensure you’re focusing on the right key performance indicators and forward finance that helps you grow your business year after year

Benefits of Membership

Entrepreneur, sole trader or partner/director with 10+ years in business and an established brand.

● K500 towards your business insurance along with a preferred rate from the insurance company
● Free business-critical analysis of your branding and messaging
● 3 free business coaching sessions per year customized to your business needs

Benefits of Membership

Apply for Membership

Apply for Membership

Application requirements include business registration, two professional references and an interview with a designated board member.

The investment for a Startup Member is $200 per year
*Terms and conditions apply 

Everything in the Startup and Professional Membership Plus:

Everything in the Startup Membership Plus:

Application requirements include business registration, four professional references (including 1 character reference) and an interview with a designated board member.

The investment for a Professional Member is $300 per year

Application requirements include business registration, six professional references (including 1 character reference), and an interview with a designated board member.

The investment for a Startup Member is $400 per year 

The crème de la crème, most high caliber and ethical entrepreneurs and business owners naturally rise to the top and we’ve created a curated list of those who are committed to integrity, excellence, professionalism and shaping the weddings and events industry in Zambia for a proud and sustainable future.

When you apply for membership, we vet your business against a stringent list of criteria based on the tier of membership you’re applying for and your years in business.

● Ongoing training, access to tools, skill transfer and coaching to help you improve your client experience, scale your business, enhance your techniques and practices, increase your income, cover all of your legal bases and more

● Fun and successful networking that leads to long-standing relationships, referrals and a sense of comradery within the marketplace

● Preferred rates on florals*
● Legal advice on business operations, regulations, and contracts
● Business templates such as workflow checklists, client intake forms, welcome packets, and more
● Access to discounts on local and world-class masterclasses*
● Exclusive discount with QC School for courses in Events, Tourism, Design, Photography and More
● Annual gala with special guests and artists
● Referrals from your fellow members
● Opportunity to build relations with our wedding planner members
● Access to discounts from select industry and business professionals *

● Opportunity to showcase your work across our social media and blog

● Access to work on large-scale international or destination weddings and events as a support floral designer or logistical planner or creative vendor as the opportunities arise.

For teams of professionals or employees within SME or larger businesses.