Dr Andrew Chilufya
Ministry of tourism zambia

Andrew K Chilufya is a refined Research and Development specialist who has extensively worked with tourism, wildlife, environment, and community development issues in Zambia for approximately 20 years. During this period, he has worked with complex projects at national and community levels in Zambia. His work experience cuts across areas that overlap and complement each other in the education, tourism development, natural resources planning and management and community development disciplines.

His passion is to contribute unique ideas to debates on “successful” and “sustainable” development especially among disfranchised rural communities.
Andrew joined the Ministry of Tourism in 2000 as Tourism Research and Development Officer and rose to the position of Chief Tourism Development Officer. 

He was later seconded to a World Bank Funded “Support to Economic Expansion and Diversification (SEED) Project” as the Project Manager in 2007. Due to his excellent performance in his career path, Andrew was again  seconded to the Ministry of Finance and National Planning in 2011 as Project Coordinator/Tourism Specialist for the Greater Kafue Economic Development Project (GKED). The exposure during this period of his work experience both locally and internationally has enriched and sharpened his skills, knowledge and understanding in policy, planning, coordination, marketing and promotion, management, research and development issues in complex national and community development projects in Zambia, especially those related to tourism, natural resources, environment and sustainable development.